Brief Introduction

If you think clowns are for kids, that's because you haven't yet visited various World Clowns Festivals all over the world. These events are getting ready to reach the age of majority with its a thousand year birthday, which will be celebrated from New York to London to Boston every year. And it is spreading to Asia and Africa.

This clown gala, considered by the kids as one of the happiest on the continent, has been celebrated all the time, bringing together an international selection of the most prestigious professionals from the world of smiles.

Born to pay homage to the Catalonian clown, Charlie Rivel, its main purpose is to demonstrate to the public the wide possibilities of a clown language : from the traditional circus clowns to the newest and most "experimental" shows, while also offering street performances.

The World Clown Festival has become a platform for international famous clowns, to gain exposure in our country as well. It is also a chance to show the different permutations of the art: the Eastern Clown's own particular style, maestros of mime, the thoughtful, reflective clown, absurd humour and biting irony...

AEMI, is committed to producing the most innovative clown events in US and all over the world. Colombaioni, the Italian Leo Bassi, the Russian Slava Polunin, the American Bello Nock, or the Argentine group Les Luthiers, are some of the many companies and artists which have graced the World Clown Festivals produced by the experienced production teams of AEMI.


Take Clwoning seriously!


The World Clown Festival commits to its global education program as a priority, motivated by an enthusiastic respect for kids and young people's creative ideas and a keen desire to introduce them to the active mainstream of clown practice.


Furthermore, the Festival understands how clown art, as an inherently individual, independent and intelligent medium can benefit the social and personal development of community people at a critical stage of their growing up.


AEMI Clowns training programs, our clown competition, sit as our education flagship, and is supported by local government, teachers, professionals, comedians,  and resources, including year-round developmental and professional workshops.



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