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The book "Event Management" ,authored by Chris Wang, was published by Tsinghua University  recently. This book is the first event management book in Chinese and ranked as "one of the most valued management books for 2005" in China.






A few years ago I was invited to participate in a book signing and reading with a distinguished poetess. Prior to the programs beginning the poetess turned to me and asked, Why have they invited a poet and a event producer to participate in the same program?  I returned her question with my own question.  How is an event similar to a poem?  After a few seconds of contemplation, the poet answered, Why, an event is a poem.  The poetess later explained, A poem is a composition that provides illumination, promotes understanding, and allows for individual interpretation.  To which I added, an event is a unique moment in time that is different from a normal day of living.  The poetess and the event producer discovered that indeed a poem is an event and a event is a poem.


The author of this important and most valuable new book is a poet.  The dictionary states that the term poet is derived from the Greek word poietes that means maker.  Prior to the Greek origin of this term it is believed that the term poet was first noted in the ancient  Sanskrit language and refers to one who gathers, heaps up.  Regardless of the true definition of the term poet, the author of this book brings such talent, intellectual

curiosity, and passion to the modern profession of Event Leadership that he has in fact re-defined this term through this historic new book.


Yong Wang was my student at The George Washington University graduate program and he quickly distinguished himself as one of the brightest stars in the modern event management galaxy.  His experience as a event organizer in both China and the United States have allowed him to bring to this book both a eastern and western perspective.

Perhaps more importantly, his sensitivity to world events and the impact events may have upon these events further distinguishes this book.


I am confident that you will greatly benefit from the best practices Yong Wang has identified in this new book.  Furthermore, I know that throughout the world all practioners of the art and science of event management will enjoy learning from this

outstanding international maker of quality events.  You will most certainly come away with heaps  of information Mr. Wang has gathered on  your behalf.  And as a result of this experience, you too will become create your own poetry through events to greatly expand the field of  Event Leadership within China and throughout the world.


Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP

Professor and Executive Director

Temple University

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Founding President, International Special Events Society

American Society of Association Executives,ASES
Association for Convention Operations Management
Association for Fndraising Professionals
Association fo Bridal Consultants, ABC
Association of Destination Management Executives, ADME
Connected international Meeting Professionals Association
Convention Liaison Council, CLC
Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives, CESSE