Certified Event Manager


Introduction to Certified Event Manager (CEM)

When you attain Certified Event Manager (CEM), you:

There are many reasons why event managers decide to pursue certification as a Certified Event Manager. Here are some of the benefits:

  •   To receive recognition of professional competence.
  • To join an established network of credentialed professionals.
  • To take advantage of enhanced career opportunities.
  • To gain access to career development counseling.
  • To obtain formal recognition of educational activities

What is Certified Event Manager (CEM)?

The CEM designation is the hallmark of professional achievement in the event managements industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry, and reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics.


The CEM designation is awarded by AEMI and its Certification Committee. The American Event Management Institute(AEMI) provides research, consultancy, education, training and communication services and information resources for the event industry all over the world.

Education and a commitment to professionalism are cornerstones of CEM.

Why Should I Be Certified?

The event managements industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past several years and is changing at an even faster pace. Today, event managements are more challenging and require a level of professionalism equal to none. Become a recipient of the CEM designation and set yourself apart from the competition. Here are just a few reasons why many now list certification as a job requirement when posting open positions for event management.

  •  A Certified Event Manager(CEM) has the knowledge, skills and ability to effectively manage a comprehensive event management program.
  • A CEM has a working knowledge of all the basic tenets of event management, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • A CEM has experience and knowledge of interagency and community-wide participation in planning, coordination and management functions designed to improve event management capabilities.
  • A CEM can effectively accomplish the goals and objectives of any event management program in all environments with little or no additional training orientation.

Interested in the Certified Event Manager (CEM)?

Now is the time to take the first steps toward achieving your CEM. The Certification Committee and CEM staff will help you begin the process with orientation programs that explain the requirements, commitment and other details; assign mentors to help candidates through the process; provide study materials and a bibliography of suggested reading materials; and help organize study groups. The CEM is achieved through education, performance, experience, service to the industry, portfolio presentation and examination.


Basic Requirement 

Event management experience.* Three years by date of application. Comprehensive experience must include participation in a full-scale exercise or actual disaster. Three professional references. Including current supervisor


Education. Any 4-year baccalaureate degree; or additional experience may be substituted to satisfy this requirement, 2 years per 30 college credits up to the 120 credits comprising most baccalaureates. Professionals interested in recognition without the education requirement should inquire about the Associate Event Manager (AEM) credential


Training.* 100 contact hours in event management training and 100 hours in general management training. Note: No more than 25% of hours can be in any one topic.


Contributions to the profession. Six separate contributions in areas such as professional membership, speaking, publishing articles, serving on volunteer boards or committees and other areas beyond the scope of the even management job requirement.




Enroll, accumulate points through experience and service, begin a self study program or start a study group, complete the exam application form and take the exam. The CEM exam is in three parts: 1) essay – a case study in which the exam candidate demonstrates his/her mastery of the required competencies; 2) objective – based on the Glossary of Terms; 3) portfolio assessment.


Study Materials. Upon enrollment in the CEM program, you will receive: Self-Study Guide, Resource Materials List; Exam Blueprint; Point Assignment Form; and information for formal Study Group Course. The Dictionary of Event Management has been developed as a one-stop preparation of the objective part of the exam. The optional Study Group Course includes an outline for a 12 week course; list of CEMs as potential resources and trainers and a 20-page workbook with practice exercise and review.

Follow These Easy Steps:

  • Enrollment into CEM Program
    • Request an enrollment form from AEMI by calling 202-508-1444 or email info@usemi.org.
    • Complete the enrollment form and return with your payment to AEMI
    • Fees:: $300.00 (U.S. Dollars)
    • Upon your enrollment, you will receive:
      • Points Assignment Sheet which is a list of points available for attendance and leadership in CEM; education; professional industry experience; service; publications and awards; and related activities.
      • Order Form for Dictionary of Event Management.
      • Exam Blueprint which lists the competencies of event management in administration, coordination, marketing and legal-ethical-risk management.
      • Bibliography of suggested reading materials.
      • Self Study Guide, Information on Group Study Courses, and an Enrollment Form for Group Study Courses
      • Mentor List  which contains a list of individuals who have earned the CEM designation and have volunteered to assist you.


  • Accumulate Points through Industry Experience and Leadership, Education and Service
    • It is very important that each individual keep track of his/her own points. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individual to verify points. We suggest starting a file, keeping records of your professional contributions and developments as well as copies of cancelled checks and corresponding meeting notices, etc.
    • You will be awarded the CEM designation (Pin & Certificate) upon successfully passing the CEM Exam


  • Application to Take the Exam
    • Exam application and resource list will be sent once enrollment form is received.
    • Completed applications must be received by CEM headquarters at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the CEM exam.
    • Application and Exam Fees $300(DUE WITH APPLICATION)


  • CEM Exam
    • The exam is offered at the AEMI annual conference as well as other times throughout the year.
    • Successful exam candidates will demonstrate their ability to create, cultivate, design, implement, produce, and recap a event management.
    • Test consists of the following:
      • 0bjective
      • Essay Section
      • Portfolio Assessment 
      • Candidate must pass two of the three sections.


 Note : A baccalaureate in event management reduces the experience requirement to 2 years and waives EM training if it is earned recently.

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