About AEMI


The American Event Management Institute (AEMI) is  one of the most important professional body for event management professionals in the United States. Launching  its first global promotional campaign for event management profession since1997, AEMI officially started to promote standards of excellence in global event management and to enhance the status and profile of event managemet as a profession at the beginning of new century.  Since then AEMI has been the authoritative voice of global events and the custodian of event management standards, ethics and best practice for the new era.


AEMI is to become the Global Centre for Research, Networking, Education and Action training in Global Event Management.
AEMI is widely recognized as one of US's leading Centre in Event Education, Training and Research. Today through our different programs we train and educate event management professionals world-wide in different languages.

At the same time we are contributing to creation of a real global event network through our conferences and roundtables and preparing the future of event management as a function and expertise through our research activities. 

The AEMI is also responsible for establishing benchmarks of professionalism in event management in US and all over the world. It is one of the most innovative educational institutes in the States to award nationally-recognized qualifications in event management.

AEMI leaders, researchers, members and partners are drawn form every sector of industry and commerce. From those just embarking upon a event management career through to senior and experienced event managers and directors, they share a commitment to upholding the standards of professionalism and integrity that area all hallmarks of event management success.


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