Getting Your Practicum Started:

  1. Call to set a schedule with the site supervisor. Do not wait weeks as the opportunity may no longer exist.
  2. Keep the appointment, commitment or agreement. If you cannot be present at scheduled time, or complete the assignment, please contact site supervisor immediately.
  3. Do not in any way interfere with the supervisor's relationship with his or her client. Do not offer suggestions, talk, or make any comment to the supervisor's client without permission. Be sensitive.
  4. Dress appropriately for duties. If not sure, ask. Bring a change of clothes if necessary. If changing, please ask in advance where you may do so. Wear comfortable and safe shoes at events. Change footwear if necessary.
  5. Do not expect to be fed. In general there is to be no eating or drinking on site. Please ask your supervisor if provision for breaks and food are being made when you are to be on site for a long period of time.
  6. Bring paper and pen to make notes. Be sure you have the name and phone number of the site supervisor.
  7. Maintain a sense of ethics at all times:
  8. Do not discuss confidential information with anyone.
  9. Never contact the supervisor's clients or vendors without the supervisor's permission.
  10. Do not distribute your own personal business cards without permission of the supervisor.
  11. Do not say anything negative. Comments should be reserved for discreet classroom discussion or for the supervisor privately.
  12. Report any problems to AEMI teachers.
  13. Approach each experience with an open mind. You are building your own library of experiences and there is something to be learned from each function. Even seemingly negative experiences can be a source of growth.
  14. Although each certificate student must complete a minimum of 100 hours of practicum, there is no limit to the total number of hours a student may complete. As time, energy, and availability allow, students may gain an unlimited number of experiences.
  15. All forms are to be returned to Customer Service, AEMI.

Tips for Practicum Success

  1. Show appreciation to the site supervisor for participating in this program. Write a personal note of thanks at the completion of your participation.
  2. Ask the site supervisor about proper dress code for your duties.
  3. Refrain from "teaching,". Instead "conduct research" by asking questions, but do not interfere with anyone's work.
  4. Do not forget to request a letter of reference and bring all forms to give to the supervisor.
  5. Ask (if appropriate) the site supervisor to continue in a mentor role for you as you pursue your studies.
  6. Be observant and take notes.

Pre-Work for Practicum Assignment


Answer the following questions prior to reporting to your practicum. Use your answers as discussion triggers for your first meeting with your site supervisor. Keep this for your personal reference.

  1. Why did you select this field for your practicum?
  2. What are your Event Management career goals at this time?
  3. How can this practicum experience further your career goals?
  4. What are three skills you hope to improve by observing your site supervisor?
  5. What is your overall goal for this practicum experience and how will you work with your site supervisor help achieve this success?
American Society of Association Executives,ASES
Association for Convention Operations Management
Association for Fndraising Professionals
Association fo Bridal Consultants, ABC
Association of Destination Management Executives, ADME
Connected international Meeting Professionals Association
Convention Liaison Council, CLC
Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives, CESSE