Professional Certificate in Event Management

Certificate Requirement


To attain a Certificate in Event Management from American Event Management Institute, students must successfully achieve the following :

  1. Complete four core courses and three electives within two years of enrollment in the first course.
  2. Complete a minimum of 100 hours of practicum experience.
  3. Prepare and submit an event portfolio.

Upon successful completion of the entire Program (seven classes), portfolio, and practicum hours, students receive a professional Certificate in Event Management from American Event Management Institute.


Program Policies



Open enrollment policy. There are no requirements for enrollment in this program. Choose specific courses, or the entire certificate program.


All courses include a brief mastery quiz to assist students with evaluating their level of performance at the conclusion of the course.


All in-class courses include a student workbook.


You may substitute an in-class presentation with a distance learning course, however,
no refund will be granted.


All financial obligations to  American Event Management Institute must be met to receive a certificate.


Class Withdrawal / Refund: If a student withdraws from an in-class course seven days before the first day of class, refund is 100% of tuition minus a $50 withdrawal fee. If a student withdraws from an in-class course within seven days prior to class or after the start of class, no refund is granted. Distance learning courses are non-refundable.


Portfolio and Practicum hours should be separate. This means hours used for your practicum cannot be from the same event you are doing for your portfolio if the portfolio is part of your current job. Also, we request that students not use their regular/current jobs as hours for the practicum. This is because we want students to experience more than one facet of event planning and management to get a more rounded view of the discipline.



American Society of Association Executives,ASES
Association for Convention Operations Management
Association for Fndraising Professionals
Association fo Bridal Consultants, ABC
Association of Destination Management Executives, ADME
Connected international Meeting Professionals Association
Convention Liaison Council, CLC
Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives, CESSE